Kumble mentions the infamous incident of Monkeygate and how he handled it (Photo: Twitter @anilkumble1074)

Any sport is full of complex matters, which sometimes cannot be dealt with diplomatically. Sometimes, decisions as such are taken by sports governing bodies of the country, and rightly so. 

However, it is argued by some that such decisions should be taken by the team and players, rather than board members. It is because, in such situations, players tend to understand the gravitas of the situation much better. In a few cases, it also boils down to morally doing the correct thing. 

2008’s Monkeygate incident is recalled by Anil Kumble

The Sydney Test in January 2008 was marred by the infamous Monkeygate scandal where off-spinner Harbhajan Singh was handed a three-match ban by the ICC for allegedly racially abusing Andrew Symonds.

Former captain Anil Kumble says pulling out of the 2007-08 Australia Tour following the controversial Sydney Test. He states it could have been an “acceptable” option but his side continued the series to set an example by winning the remaining matches under trying circumstances. This decision was appreciated by many fans of the game.

“You know as a captain you’re generally tuned to take decisions on the field. Here I was faced with something, which was off the field, to take a decision in the larger interest of the game,” the legendary spinner tells in an interview. 

He also states that there were a lot of umpiring decisions that were wrong and cost India the match. The umpire for the match was the infamous Steve Bucknor.

“We had to obviously be together as a team but the challenge was that there was a lot of talk about the team wanting to come back at that point in time, and leave the tour and come back. Yes, you know, probably (people) would have accepted that the Indian team was wronged and that’s why they came back.”