The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has announced to maintain its ban on Russia’s Athletic Federation (RUSAF) due to doping reasons. The world governing body is still waiting for the report from Moscow. The ban was imposed in November 2015. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has found evidence of doping in the sport.

The head of IAAF’s doping task force Rune Andersen said, “two outstanding issues remained- the examination of data received from the Moscow anti-doping lab and the issue of outstanding costs being sought from Russia because of the scandal. These need to be resolved”.

Russian authorities have so far denied that the state is involved in ‘Doping Programme’. Although, they accepted that some officials were connected in a loop to provide banned substance to athletes and interfere in the anti-doping process. It is not the first time when IAAF decides to uphold the ban on Russia but the body has been rejected Russia’s plea for reinstatement 10 times in the past three years. The Paralympic ban on the country was lifted in early February. However, the International Biathlon Federation still excludes the Russian team from the sport. Some Russian athletes are allowed to participate under the neutral banner after passing all the necessary criteria shows that they have operated in a dope-free environment. Russia would not participate in World’s Athletics Championship which is going to held at Doha, Qatar in September 2019. The 10-day Championship will start from September 28 till October 6.