I am here to win a fight, says Cormier on his last walk to the octagon. (source: @dc_mma twitter handle)

Daniel Cormier is one of the greatest fighters in UFC, he has won 22 matches with just 2 losses. After breaking and holding multiple records in multi-division championships, the 41-year old American will walk to the ring for the last time on Sunday for a final UFC 252 match against Stipe Miocic. Speaking about his farewell match he said, “I am excited and I feel pumped up. It has been a great training camp, very taxing and grueling, but I had a good time.”

 I am here to win a fight, says Cormier on his last walk to the octagon 

Cormier knows that this is the last time he will be facing someone in the ring. So, does this add an emotional pressure on him? On this, he replied, “I have always said that pressure is always there. You can’t put pressure on yourself if you don’t earn it. You earn it by putting yourself in situations in things you are trying to accomplish. So, when the moment comes, you don’t run from it, you embrace it. I earned this pressure and I like to live in it.”

He added, “When I walk to the octagon this time, my feeling is going to be the same. I am here to compete. I can’t walk in there thinking, ‘oh! This would be the last time I walk through the hall’. I am here to win a fight.” 

Cormier admits that during lockdown he had to “approach things differently” 

The whole world was in lockdown for quite a few months, the sports industry has been struck hard, all players of all sports have suffered a lot. “I have worked hard to be where I am today. Most of the training was done at home. I couldn’t go to the gym like before, but we got it done,” said Cormier.

He continued and said, “I want to do more TV and opportunities to get out in the world. I will try and expand my portfolio in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).” 

I never imagined to be here today, says the 41-year old

Cormier concluded, “I never imagined being here today. A two-time UFC heavyweight champion on my way out. I just tried out back in 2009, and it turned out to be much better than I ever could have imagined. I have been lucky to surround myself with some great people.”