Marin is one the most successful badminton players of all time (Photo: Twitter @CarolinaMarin)

In these times of global pandemic, there is always a sense of fear these days. One particular group of people who are at the forefront of fighting COVID-19 is our medical professionals. Doctors, nurses, medical staff, and researchers are working day and night. They ensure that the people in our society are safe.

It somehow feels that our medical professionals do not get what they truly deserve. The least we can do as individuals is respect and dignity from our side. Any move of solidarity is very nicely appreciated. Simple gestures go a long way.

Even our celebrities and sports players are indulging in such efforts. Many celebrities have come forward and shown their solidarity in appreciating the efforts of our healthcare professionals. 

Marin offers her gold medals to medical professionals

It was a strange start to the summer when the super-combative badminton Olympic champion Carolina Marin announced she was ready to hand over all her medals.

Not pass on the baton of excellence, so to speak, to one of her many competitors who would love to boast of a medal haul of three World Championships and Olympic gold. 

But hang those precious ribboned discs, unique to her in the world, around the necks of thoroughly deserving medical care professionals – doctors, nurses, and janitors – who have been treating Covid-19 patients.

“Next to you, I’m nothing,” Marin states. This is surely a welcome move from the Spanish superstar players. Fans are appreciative of her decision. 

“I offered all my medals to them when I was talking to them as they are the real heroes in Spain. They deserve every applause and accolade,” Marin tells.

“It was inspirational. I just wanted to thank them. They are the real heroes for all the effort in taking care of sick people during these terrible times. They did an incredible job and I would like to thank the frontline fighters who risk their lives every day and continue to serve people like us.”