The former Arsenal player said that summer recruit Willian looks ‘lost’ under his new boss at North London.

Willian decided to make a move this summer, after a three-year deal, which he was holding out for at the Stamford Bridge was not granted.

To much of the excitement of Arsenal fans, the Brazilian winger made the switch to Arsenal. After starring on his debut against Fulham, he has barely shown any signs of his ability. And Merson believes that he looks perplexed at his new club.

He told Sky Sports: “I think I’m seeing things at the moment. Willian was unbelievable at Chelsea last year. For me, he was probably one of the best Chelsea players. He was phenomenal. An outstanding talent.

“He has gone to Arsenal and he looks lost. They have got to get him performing.”

He then gravitated the subject to Arsenal’s main man Aubameyang. “When Aubameyang is out on the wing, he can go 15 minutes without touching the ball.

“You can’t have your star player going that long without touching the ball. How many goals would Jamie Vardy get for Leicester if you played him out on the left-wing? Not as many as he gets now, that’s for sure.

“Defences are starting to work him out. They are starting to nullify the threat from him from out wide and making life hard for him.

“They are stopping the cut inside and shot into the far corner. Something has got to change. At the moment, he’s not seeing enough of the ball where it matters.”