Usain Bolt
We may see Bolt back on track. (source: @usainbolt twitter handle)

Jamaican runner Usain Bolt won gold medals in a 100-meter event in 3 Olympics consecutively. The runner may make a comeback after he announced retirement in 2017. He said that if his coach Glen Mills says him to make a comeback he will do so. 8 times Olympic medallist told a magazine in a video interview, I don’t have any plans to make a comeback, but if my coach says I will come out of my retirement. 

11-time world champion Bolt retired after the 2017 London World Championship, he won a silver in his last race. 

So, I know if he (his coach) says, We’re gonna do this: Bolt

Bolt said on Variety After-Show presented by National Geographic, “If my coach came back and told me, Let’s do this,’ I will because I believe so much in my coach. So, I know if he says, We’re gonna do this,’ I know it’s possible.” 

Bolt has a world record in the 100-meter race to his name

Bolt completed a 100-meter race in 9.58 seconds which is a world record, along with that he also has a world record to his name in a 200-meter race he completed the race in 19.19 seconds. He has won 8 Olympic golds in just 3 Olympic games he took part in. Out of which in Beijing Olympic he won 2 gold medals, whereas in London and Rio Olympics he has 3 gold medals in each of them. 

He recently became a father

Bolt recently became a father when his wife gave birth to a baby girl in May. “This is harder. The first week I got sick because I was scared to fall asleep, so I stayed up at night, just watching her. The only good thing about it is that I get to take my daughter next year. One of my best moments’ is to have my firstborn just walk on a track with me. That’s something that I’ve always thought about even before having kids,” said Bolt-on becoming a father.