Ian Wright is worried about the playing time of Reiss Nelson and Eddie Nketiah and has told the latter to ‘get angry.’

The 21-year-old striker has started just one Premier League game this season. Mikel Arteta has repeatedly favored the French striker Alexander Lacazette, despite his poor form of late.

Nketiah impressed once again for England Under-21s on Tuesday evening as he scored twice in the 5-0 victory over Albania.  And Wright believes the young striker should now capitalize on Lacazette’s inconsistent form for Arsenal.

“Reiss Nelson… what’s gonna happen with Reiss Nelson? You have to be worried about Reiss and, to a certain extent, Eddie as well,” Wright said on Ringer FC’s ‘Wrighty’s House’ podcast. “We talked about Laca and people are talking about Laca’s got to be taken out. Maybe for just for himself, just to have a rest.”

“Eddie now should be looking at what Laca does, why Laca’s in the team, why Laca’s being picked over him even though he’s not scoring. And he’s got to start learning about the progression of himself.

Because by now, with the goals that we know he’s capable of scoring because he can get in the box and he can finish, he should be adding those other things to his game to be putting a bit more pressure on Laca, with all due respect to Laca.”

He should have forced himself by now, especially with Laca. If he had gone on loan at the start of the season and Laca’s in the form he’s in, people would probably be saying, “What did you send Eddie out on loan for? He should be there!”