Di Maria- a name synonymous with Agility and skill is made of steel. His upbringing and way to the top haven’t been the easiest. The Argentine international has suffered to a great extent with both football and family. At 3 years old, Doctors told his parents that he had too much energy stored in him and without its utilization, there might be problems. Angel was introduced to football and that was where all his extra energy was utilized.

At the mere age of 4, he joined his local club Rosario Central. His dad had owned a cleaning shop and had to take care of his and his younger brother’s family. Di Maria used to wake up at 4 to help his father and then go to play. When the footballer was 10, his dad’s shop was closed due to defaulting on a loan, he didn’t pay many bills and Angel’s football career had a dark cloud. Selling off his business, Angel’s dad opened a coal store. it supply was maintained by Angel and his sister as they used to go out at 4 am to steal coal. All of this work at home didn’t tire Di Maria and he continued his football, going up the ranks, however, he never made the first team of the senior team. At 16 years of age, Angel’s father gave him an ultimatum that if he wasn’t successful and earn in football, then he would join his father’s business full-time. Di Maria was a man on a mission. He sweat and took the extra mile. He played for Rosario Central in the Argentinian League and starred.

His success brought interest all over Europe- the thin and speedy left winger. He made a move to Benfica at 19 years of age and then Real Madrid. He won the Olympic gold with his nation too. He shifted to Manchester United after 4 years at the Spanish capital winning the champions league and La Liga. He failed in England miserably and transferred to Paris Saint Germain, where he is enjoying his football. From earning a pound per week, to a pound literally very second now, Di Maria’s transformation has been stupendous. He is an idol for all of us.

Di Maria’s child wasn’t filled with glory. The hard work and sweat that he put to succeed is magical and seeing him fly high with his football skills and talent is amazing.