ShotTracker, revolutionizing basketball training

The app that tracks your Basketball gaming progress, ShotTracker, is CES 2019’s Innovation Award Honoree. With Basketball’s increasing competitiveness both professional and non-professional league, here’s how this app can be a game changer for most clubs and collegiate teams.

Basketball is the perfect example of mind and soul coordination. The ability to focus, at the same time, maintain pace and accuracy is what made this sport more than just a game.

For every aspiring player, improving regarding technicalities such as shot accuracy, speed, and coordination is an essential factor. May it be in a professional league, or just a form of exercise, improving is key to achieve that figure we seek.

In a professional or collegiate environment, coaches and clubs spend millions of dollars preparing every player for the upcoming season. Let’s admit it; Basketball is one of the most on demand sport in the history of man. Hence, these institutions tirelessly prepare every season.

Aside from the scouting reports or other outside information, game/training improvement statistic is one of the significant factors every coach evaluates. The detailed figures on areas needed for improvement are what coaches are concerned of, to understand and improve players further.

ShotTracker is an app that sums it all up. The innovative app counts and summarizes your shot accuracy, and at the same time, mark your progress and areas needed for improvement.

Nowadays, Basketball is treated more than just a sport. Clubs, institutions, and even individuals consider the game as a business. Hence, with the ever-increasing demand for technological assistance, more and more innovations will come in our way.

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