Organisers release an official statement (Photo: Twitter @CitiOpen)

COVID-19 shows no sign of slowing down in particular countries. One of the highest affected countries is the United States of America. With over 3.9 million cases in the US, things are very grim there. 

Sports to have come to a standstill. While continents like Europe, Australia, and Asia have resumed with sports in whatever capacity they can. However, North America is still away from hosting sports. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic being robust and rampant there, many events have been canceled. Many players from Europe state how they feel a sense of fear in attending events in the US. 

Earlier, the organizers of the US Open mentioned how they plan to host the event in September. There would of course be special guidelines and health regulations. 

Citi Open canceled for 2020

The Citi Open in Washington, which was scheduled to restart the men’s ATP Tour after the COVID-19 shutdown, has been canceled for 2020. This has come as a shocker for many fans, as it is a regular event in which many top-seed players participate. 

The tournament generally begins on Aug. 14 and serves as a build-up for the U.S. Open but the organizers said concerns about travel restrictions and recent trends in the coronavirus outbreak had led to the decision to scrap the event. This event also serves as a practice tournament for the last grand slam of the year. 

“After months of tireless work by our team and close collaboration with our many stakeholders, we are heartbroken to announce that we must, unfortunately, postpone the 52nd Citi Open until the summer of 2021,” tournament chairman Mark Ein states.

“There are too many unresolved external issues, including various international travel restrictions as well as troubling health and safety trends, that have forced us to make this decision now in fairness to our players, suppliers, and partners, so that they can have certainty around their planning.”