Devvarman criticizes AITA of being incompetent (Photo: Twitter @SomdevD)

Tennis is one of the most prominent sports across the globe. In almost all cultures, tennis is adopted as a sport by all. Though, it is also correct to say it is a very expensive sport. The training costs and equipment alone are way too expensive for many people in our society. 

India has also given the world a couple of tennis players, who are very good and advance ahead in the game. However, there is still a long way to go. Many Indian players even struggle to qualify for grand slam tournaments, let alone compete with the likes of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic, etc.   

Many have argued that this is due to the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of tennis governing authorities in India.

Devvarman fires shots at AITA

A spearhead of Indian tennis for many years, Somdev Devvarman has also been vocal for the cause of players in the country. The former India number one talks about the need for athletes to speak up about issues in their sport.

Somdev talks about the inefficiency of former All India Tennis Association (AITA) president Anil Khanna in developing the sport.

He defines his issues with the organization and mentions the incompetence of the AITA. 

“We today are dealing with an organization that has a history like the Khannas at the AITA. This guy named a stadium on government land the RK Khanna Tennis Stadium. And no one’s talking about it” states Devvarman.

“Then you go out there, shake his hand, and pretend like he’s the savior of tennis. And now his sons are being groomed for the same thing. It’s nonsense. These guys don’t care about tennis. I mean, they never have.”

“We would go up to the AITA and ask for transparency in money like a million times. Every time all the players would get different amounts. Why was it happening? Were they trying to divide and rule?”

These are some serious accusations made by Devvarman. We hope that if they are true, this culture must change. It promotes a hostile environment for all the players and the future of tennis in India.