Wimbledon 2020 canceled due to coronavirus outbreak. (source: @Wimbledon twitter handle)

The most prestigious tennis tournament would have started today if there was nothing like coronavirus. After World War 2 it is for the first time that Wimbledon has been canceled. This bad news came on 1st April when organizers decided to cancel the prestigious tournament in heat of the COVID’19 outbreak. Last time it was 75 years ago when the tournament was canceled due to World War 2. The tournament will be played next year on the grass-court from 28th June to 11th July.

According to the reports, the organizers will lose about 2400 crore rupees. but in 2003 when there was a SARS virus outbreak, The All England Club updated their insurance policy. The organizer will get around 950 crore rupees from the insurance company, so the net loss goes down to 1450 crore rupees.

Organizers pay insurance company 15 crore rupees every year

Wimbledon’s Chief Executive Richard Lewis said, “We’re still in a very good position – which is a slightly strange thing to say when you’ve just canceled the championships. But we’re financially very stable. I’m optimistic that the surplus [the annual payment to governing body the LTA] will be pretty well protected, and therefore the impact will be somewhat minimized.”

“When I first started in 2012 there were some signs that things were not insurable because of communicable diseases like Sars and swine flu. In the immediate aftermath, you can’t get insurance, but fairly soon after that, you can start to get insurance again. The market returns,” he added. 

It’s the third time Wimbledon is canceled in 144 years of history

The first time the tournament was played in 1877, it was known as Royal Tennis Championship. The tournament was canceled for the first time because of World War 1, the second time was because of World War 2 from 1940-45. Now it’s the third time that Wimbledon has been canceled.