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The enthralling saga of Roman Reigns, Erick Rowan and Daniel Bryan has taken a completely new turn and now the old foes are going to gang up in order to set a new storyline for upcoming ‘Hell in a Cell’ match. This happened when the star WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan hunted down by the menacing team of Luke Harper and Erick Rowan at this week’s SmackDown Live roster on Tuesday. The clash began with an impromptu match between Erick Rowan and Daniel Bryan but suddenly Harper came in the ring to distract Bryan. However, Roman Reigns also jumped in the squared circle to assist Bryan in winning the feud.

As it is often said ‘the enemy of your enemy is your friend’ that’s exactly what happened with Daniel Bryan. The 38-year-old experienced wrestler Bryan doesn’t like Rowan and now the Big Dog Roman Reigns who was already in anger with Rowan due to his secret attack, also joined him. Both Bryan and Reigns are all set to take their revenge from Harper and Rowan at Hell in a Cell. It will be interesting to see who will dominate whom in the forthcoming nerve-wracking battle. However, there are some chances that the newly-made team of traditional rivals Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan could clinch the feud easily. But they have to fight together as a team by putting their grudges aside.

Earlier Erick Rowan and Roman Reigns faced each other in grand event of ‘Clash of Champions’ where Rowan pinned down the Big Dog with his terrific moves in front of the lively audience at Spectrum Center. Rowan defeated Reigns with the help of Luke Harper who returned on the set of WWE after a year-long dispute with the company. Both Harper and Rowan dominated Reigns in a worth-watching battle. 

Only three matches have been confirmed so far for the upcoming Hell in a Cell battle which is scheduled to be held at Golden 1 Center on October 6th. Those three matches are:

  • Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt (Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Universal Championship)
  • Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks (Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship)
  • Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs Luke Harper and Erick Rowan (Tag team match)