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This week’s SmackDown Live’s episode was full of action-pack drama as the show started with an intellectual Town Hall meeting of Shane McMahon but ended with a vicious controversy of Big Dog Roman Reigns.

The Town Hall meeting was meant to address any possible grievances which WWE superstars may have had against Shane’s regime. The bureaucratic figure of WWE RAW and SmackDown roster kicked off his meeting on a very serious note but it seemed like nobody was really interested in his lecture. Out of the big crowd, it was Roman Reigns who stood up and spoke against the well-known wrestler. In his rebellious reply to McMahon, Roman Reigns said,  “I don’t think you get it, nobody in this room respects you. And as far as diplomacy goes, well, you can kiss my a**!”.

Right after Reigns’ controversial statement, McMahon turned red in anger, as a result, he fined the giant wrestler to insult him before he could continue with the Town Hall meeting. The disaster was then followed by Big O Kevin Ownes coming out from the crowd and hit McMahon with a Stunner. This slightly gives a hint to WWE universe that both Kevin Ownes and Roman Reigns could join together in order to take on Shane McMahon in upcoming WWE SummerSlam 2019.

Arch-rivals Reigns and McMahon recently faced each other at the star-studded event of Extreme Rules 2019 at Wells Fargo Centre, United States where the aggressive team of Roman Reigns and Undertaker defeated the opposing squad, Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre in a worth-watching ‘No Holds Barred’ match. In that match, Reigns didn’t disappoint his fans at all. The typical Big Dog style of Roman Reigns was back in form against McMahon as he didn’t spare both the opponents in a classic tag-team action. Renowned wrestler Undertaker looked as good in the ring as he was many years ago. On the other Reigns was also seemed to look in his career’s best form while fighting against long-time rival McMahon. Despite playing off his masterstrokes an including a top-rope-to-announcer’s-table dive and a coast-to-coast McMahon still lost the match against well-versed Reigns and Undertaker. The wrestling great McIntyre was also failed to defend him against full of fire opponents.