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This week’s SmackDown Live was full of surprises and shocks as many unexpected things happened on the show. The action-pack thrilling roster of SD Live started with a gong and Deadman Undertaker appeared on the stage. After this, each and every wrestling fan started chanting ‘Deadman’, ‘Deadman’. When everything was going well at Madison Square Garden, WWE star Sami Zayn took over the show all of a sudden. This shocked the whole WWE Universe and Undertaker as well. Before the arrival of Zayn on the stage, the phenomenon Undertaker was trying to pay respect to those wrestlers who gave it all blood, sweat, and tears for a win in the ring. But Zayn stuck his nose in between which Undertaker didn’t like.

Right after entering the ring Zayn asked Undertaker to leave and pass the torch to him because WWE’s future is safe in his hands. This proved costly for Zayn as ‘taker’ came on his own and pinned down the young opponent with his vintage chokeslam. The Deadman ambushed the wrestler completely and left the stage in shock after which the main match card began.

The 54-year-old veteran wrestler Undertaker was last seen in the ring at the showpiece event of Super Showdown in June 2019 where he ambushed Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg brutally. At that event in Saudi Arabia, both the renowned wrestlers Undertaker and Bill Goldberg came face-to-face after a long time. This raised the expectations of their fans for a nail-biting match but it looked like Goldberg wasn’t able to live up to their demands. Undertaker’s Tombstone Piledriver crushed Goldberg’s dreams to win the game and at the end, Deadman was declared as the winner of the battle.

Coming back to SmackDown Live, what Undertaker did in the recent episode against Sami Zayn was just the demo of his power. All his fans know this fact if undertaker indulged in a one-on-one battle with someone he came out as a winner only. Nothing could be said when will the legendary wrestler fight back in the ring but one thing is for sure that he will be seen in action very soon.