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WWE superstar Dean Ambrose who did not battle in the grand event of WrestleMania 35, suffered an unworthy lose against Bobby Lashley in his last ever match of WWE at RAW night on Monday. However, furious Lashley who earlier lost the title of WWE Intercontinental nagged Ambrose with inappropriate comments before the beginning of the battle after which the 33-year-old Ambrose came into the ‘Lunatic’ action and flew into a fury to destroy ‘Almighty’ Lashley.

Here’s watch the action-pack fight between ‘Lunatic’ Ambrose and ‘Almighty’ Lashley:

While the ongoing furious battle between the rivals, WWE giant Lio Rush involved into the fight to distract Ambrose which gave a golden opportunity to Lashley to recover in the match and hit Ambrose with a spear. Lashley then proceeded his game to smash Ambrose and crashed him through the announce table. This win results sadistic end for Ambrose’s WWE journey. Ambrose started his winning momentum by clinching his first title of Championship in United States Tournament along with a WWE group.

Earlier before WrestleMania 35 took place, Ambrose faced two mega stars of WWE Universe, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns in the WWE Fastlane. The three times Intercontinental Championship winner had clinched the RAW Tag Team title with Seth Rollins. Moreover, Royal Rumble title winner Seth Rollins has won the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 2019 against Brock Lesnar. The Beast earned the right to challenge Lesnar after winning this year’s Royal Rumble title. As compare to Lesnar who only showed two moves, the suplex city and the F5 in every battle, Rollins shocked his opponents by performing several different locks and knocks in his game.