Dean Ambrose from WWE.
Dean Ambrose from WWE.

It has been said, in April 2019, Dean Ambrose will be leaving the WWE. However, WWE has confirmed the news about the non-renewal of the contract. For fans, it is really hard to accept that their favorite wrestler is not willing to restore the contract and will be parting ways with the company.

Since, when CM Punk has left the company, it is the second case, where a wrestler is unhappy with the incident of CM Punk’s quitting. If Dean Ambrose quits then it will be dire for the company and will be questionable. Nobody is sure where he will be going after this or what are his further plans.

However, in this article, we won’t talk on this matter. Instead, we will talk about those 5 matches which Dean Ambrose can play after quitting WWE.

Those matches can be with following wrestlers are:

  • Kenny Omega: Though Kenny Omega’s career is itself not flourishing at the moment but if both Dean and Kenny together step into the ring, then it will be profitable for the WWE and for the show as well. The moves and skills of both the wrestlers are amazing and it is enough to make their fans go crazy.
  • Will Ospreay: William Peter Charles Ospreay is a well-practiced English wrestler. Assigned to New Japan Pro-Wrestling at present, he performs under his genuine forename.
  • Pac: Known by his ring name “Pac”, Benjamin Satterley is also an English Professional wrestler. He is at present working for Dragon Gate, Japan and for All Elite wrestling, USA. Currently, he is the champion of Open the Dream Gate challenge at Dream Gate.
  • Jimmy Havoc: Ever since Dean Ambrose has entered into the WWE, he has gone far away from his gimmick. But if he would have wrestled with Jimmy Havoc, he would have returned to his old gimmick. Jimmy Havoc is considered good due to his hardcore ways.
  • Sami Callihan: Sami Callihan, with his impact wrestling, is in the same gimmick as Dean Ambrose. Ever since he hit Eddie Edwards with a baseball bat, he is in this gimmick. Dean Ambrose and Sami can have a power pact match if the PG-13 policy of WWE is kept aside.