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Big O Kevin Owens sued official bureaucrat of WWE Shane McMahon in front of the whole WWE Universe at the recently concluded SmackDown Live roster. This happened because of McMahon cruel decision against Kevin Ownes at last week’s episode of SmacKDown Live where Big O was assigned with the job of a referee.

The globally known WWE celebrity Kevin Ownes made a surprising entry at the stage of SmackDown Live last week, not to interrupt the fight but to take the responsibility of a match referee during the thrilling battle between Shane MacMahon and Chad Gable. In that match, Gable showed his actual prowess and comfortably pinned down McMahon with huge suplexes. Ownes then at the count of three declared Gable as the winner of ‘King of the Ring’ semifinals.

As a result, Shane lost his cool with Kevin Ownes decision and started attacking him after the match wrapped up. Not only this, Shane also took the wrong advantage of his powers as he fired the Big O on the live show which actually straightly damage the reputation of Kevin Ownes in front of WWE universe. This resulted in Ownes decided to screw Shane’s image which he loves the most.

The 35-year-old veteran wrestler Kevin Ownes immediately took to Twitter and said, “all I wanna do is hurt you, but I finally realized the best way to do that is hit you where it hurts the most and that is your wallet and your pride”.

Though McMahon thought that he would end Ownes’ career in WWE by firing him up from the ring after returning back to this week’s SmackDown Live roster KO proved that it is not that easy to throw him out. It seems like this is just the beginning of a highly-anticipated rivalry and both the great wrestlers are not going to settle down so easily. It will be interesting to see what turn this rivalry will take after the recent controversy. Only time will tell whether Ownes has to leave the squared circle or not.