pic credit: [email protected] Lesnar

This week’s super entertaining episode of WWE RAW ended with a blast of ‘Beast Incarnate’ Brock Lesnar who made a shocking appearance at the glitzy event. When everyone was looking excited for the much-anticipated fight between Seth Rollins and legendary wrestler Rey Mysterio on Monday night, Brock Lesnar suddenly came out to spoil the enthralling segment. With his surprising return in the squared circle, both Rollins and Mysterio were completely blank as they didn’t have any idea of Lesnar’s appearance at the stage.

Just after arriving on the show, the WWE World Champion wasted no time in firing Rey Mysterio and his son Dominick in the ring. He brutally assaulted the well-known wrestler Rey Mysterio who also made a strong comeback in the ring with the help of his son. At first, Lesnar destroyed Rey Mysterio with several vintage F5s and later grabbed his young son Dominick also in order to ambush him with a series of suplexes and F5 as well. Merciless Brock kept on attacking both the father-son duo and nobody dared to stop him from committing such a heinous incident. As a result, Mysterio and his son were completely drained out and lost to Lesnar. On the other hand, the ‘Beast Incarnate’ celebrated his victory over the innocents

With this horrifying action, Lesnar has once again shown the world how cruel he is when it comes to fighting in WWE. Earlier he did the same thing with reigning Universal Champion Seth Rollins.

Taking his client’s side in the ring Paul Heyman also took a jibe at WWE. He addressed the situation by mocking the incapability of the company in controlling Brock Lesnar against Rey Mysterio. At this, his current opponent Kofi Kingston stated, “as a father, after watching what he did to @reymysterio & his child, now it’s about beating a reckless, egotistical & making him go away forever”. Being the father of two boys, Kingston has now pledged to teach a lesson to the ‘Beast’ Brock Lesnar by winning the upcoming fight against him on SmackDown Live roster. Both the experienced wrestlers will face each other on new SmackDown Live event at Fox networks on Friday.