pic credit: [email protected] Lesnar

The legendary WWE NXT wrestler Matt Riddle recently took a jibe on former Universal Champion Brock Lesnar just after a day of his shocking appearance in Money in the Bank Pay-per-view. The 33-year-old American wrestler took to Instagram to sent a warning to new Mr. Money in the Bank that he wants him to retire as soon as possible.


This comes after Lesnar suddenly made a shocking appearance in the star-studded event. The WWE Universe favourite Ali was all set to grab his briefcase of MITB but suddenly Lesnar’s music starts playing in the background which later raised the temperature of the event and Lesnar claimed the Money in the Bank contract for the very first time. After watching this, Riddle launched the warning to have a action-pack feud with him. The star American wrestler posted a picture on his social media handle featuring 41-year-old Brock and Paul Heyman with the MITB briefcase, alongside a determined looking Riddle.

However, Lesnar has not revealed that with whom he is going to fight in next week’s edition of the red brand but it will soon be unveiled before the WWE fans.

However, Money in the Bank had witnessed many WWE stars apart from Brock Lesnar including Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, Ricochet, Ali, Andrade, Finn Balor, Zayn, Brawn Strowman and Randy Orton. The beginning of eight-men ladder match started with only seven men in first 18 minutes but in the 19th minute the number increased to eight as 41-year-old Lesnar made a shocking entry to take on Ali before unhooking the briefcase to win the contract of Money In The Bank for the very first time in his career.

Mattle could be proven as the perfect choice for Brock Lesnar’s opponent because of his brilliant MMA background. Although, nothing could be said about the collision of both the superstars but if the feud will happen between Matt Riddle and Brock Lesnar then it would be a treat to watch for fans.

Lesnar will next be seen in the Super ShowDown event of WWE at Saudi Arabia on June 7, 2019 where he will fight against WWE champion Seth Rollins.