The rumours are spreading like wildfire about WWE champion AJ Styles and Randy Orton clashing in upcoming WrestleMania 35. WWE is all set to organise the face-off between the veteran wrestlers Orton and Styles after their fans started clamouring for their clash. Earlier two years back, both the players took on each other in WWE SmackDown in which Orton smashed AJ to make his way to WrestleMania 33.

Last year also WWE was planning for this prolonged fight between Styles and Orton in WrestleMania but didn’t make it happen. In Fastlane 2019, Styles and Orton shoot up their rivalry when the American wrestler and musician Elias was in the ring and trying to sing a song for WWE fanbase. Orton suddenly popped out and delivered his famous move RKO. The crowd thumped up and rose from their seats as Orton delivered his RKO on Styles. But AJ in his revenge climbed up the ropes and struck “The Viper”, his signature move. The wrestlers even faced each other in a Dark match held last week in which Orton was defeated by Styles. Now, it is cleared by the Wrestling platform that WWE Universe will surely get to witness the much-awaited fight between Styles and Orton at WrestleMania 35.

Randy Orton is a bonafide personality of WWE. The blue-chip prospect has been protected consistently throughout his wrestling career. He has always been involved at the top-notch or the upper-mid card in WWE matches, while AJ Styles on the other side had struggled hard to retain his top position in WWE. However, both the wrestling giants could play well off against each other and their clash would be worth-watching for the fans. WrestleMania 35 will take place on April 7.