Reigns and Uso
Credits: Twitter @WWE

It was a tightly packed Friday night Smackdown.

The storied rivalry between The Boss and her bitter rival Bayley culminated with an explosive SmackDown Women’s Title Match. In the height of the incredible action, Bayley missed her mark and slammed her head into the ring post. This opened the door for Sasha Banks to hit the Bank Statement and make Bayley tap out for the huge win. Despite her victory, Banks had little time to celebrate. As she was making her exit, a returning Carmella suddenly unleashed a ruthless sneak attack on the war-torn titleholder.

With ongoing family drama weighing heavily on Rey Mysterio, The Master of the 619 left himself wide open to a sneak attack by King Corbin just moments before their matchup to qualify for the Men’s SmackDown Survivor Series Team. As a result, the treacherous monarch established dominance early and continued to maintain the advantage through the majority of the contest. Seth Rollins then decided to come out to the top of the ramp for a closer look, adding an element of looming danger. Nevertheless, the incredibly resilient Ultimate Underdog refused to quit. But when Rollins attacked Dominik and Murphy and Aalyah emerged to try and help the situation, the commotion distracted Rey, and Corbin hit End of Days to punch his own ticket for Survivor Series.

Otis came into his match against Seth Rollins determined to change his recent stretch of bad luck and qualify for SmackDown Survivor Series Men’s Team. In the final moments of the match, however, a visiting Murphy climbed up on the ring apron in the middle of an Otis offensive, allowing The SmackDown Savior to overcome Otis with the Stomp to qualify for Survivor Series. This left the Mysterio Family visibly disappointed backstage.

After it was determined by Universal Champion Roman Reigns that Kevin Owens had disrespected Jey Uso — and by extension, the entire family — The Big Dog ordered his cousin to handle the situation in a one-on-one matchup against KO. When Roman didn’t like what he was seeing in the match, he sent Paul Heyman out to ringside. Heyman’s presence definitely promoted Uso to increase his aggression. Then, when Roman’s music suddenly blasted through the WWE ThunderDome, Uso took the opportunity to strike Owens with a nefarious low blow before sealing the win with the Uso Splash off the top rope. As SmackDown went off the air, Roman emerged to put his arm on his cousin’s shoulder and raise his Universal Title high in the air.