pic credit: [email protected] Lesnar

In the action-pack night of WWE RAW, legendary wrestler Rey Mysterio surprisingly dethroned the WWE champion Brock Lesnar on Monday. The Beast Incarnate Lesnar who walked the ramp in style suddenly attacked by the arch-rival Mysterio in front of the whole wrestling universe. The 42-year-old American giant Brock Lesnar has recently quitted the blue brand event SmackDown Live just to hunt down an experienced giant Mysterio but it seemed like he demolished himself with the unexpected attack on the entrance ramp.

Lesnar appeared on the RAW night with only one goal in his mind which is to finish Rey Mysterio at any cost. But his opponent is much clever than him as Mysterio ambushed the WWE Champion from the back. He attacked the Incarnate with a tapered iron pipe and continued his assaulting till the Champion drained out completely. After the successful attack, Rey then announced to challenge Brock Lesnar for a one-on-one fight in the upcoming Survivor Series.

With this surprise attack on Lesnar, Mysterio showed the world that he is no less than any legend when it comes to fighting in the squared circle. It will be interesting to see whether the Beast Incarnate will be able to take his revenge in the forthcoming series or Mysterio will turn the heels in his favour once again.

Here’s check out the video how Rey Mysterio attacked the WWE champion Brock Lesnar in the recently concluded WWE RAW night:

Earlier in the recently concluded episode of SmackDown Live, Brock Lesnar announced his shocking exit from the blue brand event on Friday. He entered the nerve-wracking event to fight with current rival  Rey Mysterio. But the boss of WWE, Vince McMahon immediately turned down his challenge as he claimed that Mysterio is no longer the part of SmackDown Live. This statement led to Lesnar quitting the SmackDown Live roster and heading towards the red brand event RAW.

However, nothing could be said that who will be the winner of the upcoming battle between Rey Mysterio and Brock Lesnar but one thing is confirmed that next Survivor Series will be a nail-biter.