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The Boss lady of WWE Sasha Banks who is scheduled to face The Man Becky Lynch in tonight’s episode of RAW could be replaced by the experienced wrestler Charlotte Flair in the last minutes. However, the company has not confirmed anything yet but the speculations have been rasing after the popular website of DirectTV has recently stated that Lynch is going to take on Flair in the upcoming roster on Monday.

The site of DirectTV has recently released a statement that reads, “day two of the WWE Draft. Plus, Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte to determine the #1 pick on RAW”. This statement left the fans confused about whether Becky Lynch is going to fight with Sasha Banks or old foe Charlotte Flair. WWE has not said anything about the replacement as of now but the wrestling universe is speculating that the company could be made a late change to the match with replacing Sasha Banks against Lynch.

Only time will tell that who will be next challenging opponent for Becky Lynch in the upcoming interesting RAW night, the Boss Sasha Banks or the arch-rival Charlotte Flair. But one thing is for sure that this week’s RAW episode is going to be much more exciting than ever.

Both Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch have recently faced each other in a one-on-one RAW Women’s championship battle at Clash of Champions 2019. In that tournament, the RAW Women’s champions Lynch crushed all the hopes of fans to watch an action-pack feud at the glitzy event as she hit the referee with a steel chair and ended abruptly.

Lynch who is globally known for her grueling action did the same thing in her last appearance at the stage of WWE. She came out with all guns blazing against Sasha Banks and successfully dominated the star wrestler with her breathtaking moves. But the moment she tried to ambush the strong opponent with a steel chair in order to wrap up the game, Lynch instead hit the match referee in between the exciting fight. As a result, the referee handed disqualification to Becky Lynch and declared Banks as the winner.