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The Universal Champion Seth Rollins is all set for the blockbuster eve of Crown Jewel 2019 at King Fahd International Stadium in Saudi Arabia on October 31st as he has boosted himself with confidence to fight against Bray Wyatt in the upcoming Universal Championship fight on Thursday. This came after the ‘BeastSlayer’ Seth Rollins won the one-on-one battle against Erick Rowan in the recently concluded WWE RAW night.

At the beginning of the much-hyped feud, both Rowan and Rollins went hard on each other. But it was Rollins who grabbed the control in his hands later in the battle. Rollins kept attacking the strong opponent with a series of Curb Stomps. At last, Rowan was completely drained out and the superstar wrestler Seth Rollins took the advantage of the situation. He immediately used the forklift to dethrone the competitor and emerged victoriously. The next challenge for the powerful American giant Rollins is ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt who will battle with the Slayer to clinch the belt of Universal Championship in Crown Jewel 2019.

Both Wyatt and Rollins have faced each other in a nerve-wracking steel cage match at the grand stage of WWE RAW last week. In the last episode of WWE RAW, Rollins was officially scheduled to fight against fragile opponent  Humberto Carrillo in a one-on-one entertaining battle. But later he decided to face the current rival ‘The Fiend’ in a terrific steel cage match in which Rollins comfortably pinned down the strong opponent Bray Wyatt. The whole stage of WWE turned red when Wyatt made a shocking entry in the ring to take on the Beast Slayer. Though ‘The Fiend’ also tried his best to show the vintage moves in front of the WWE universe but at the end of the night Seth Rollins came out as the winner.

Now it will be interesting to see whether ‘Beast Slayer’ Rollins will be able to pin down his current rival Bray Wyatt in the forthcoming battle once again or ‘The Fiend’ will demolish the Universal Champion in front of the cheerful crowd of Riyadh.