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The blue brand event of WWE SmackDown Live is all set to get a complete makeover as the flagship tournament is moving to Fox network from USA Network. This came after WWE has completed its three-year deal with USA company and decided to move on with Fox. As per the reports, the SmackDown Live roster will now be broadcasted on Fridays and not Tuesdays. NXT will take over the slot instead. Now when everything is going to be new for SmackDown roster so the company has decided to change its logo, its name, and its trailer also. WWE Superstar Stone Cold has recently shared the post of a new promo on his official Twitter handle. He captioned the video, “Oh hell yeah! can’t wait for SmackDown on Fox”

Here’s see the brand new trailer of WWE SmackDown Live which will surely lift your mood up:

The incredible trailer of new SmackDown Live showed some incredible sketches as if someone is dying on an operating table and rising from the dead just like the Undertaker’s gong hits, and suddenly a kid spelled out “submission”. He also starred several SmackDown Live Superstars from past and present. The thrilling trailer of brand new SD Live already ignite the curiosity among WWE fans for the upcoming roster. One thing is for sure with this promo that the weekends of fans are going to be much more exciting after brand new SmackDown associated with Fox.

This week’s action-pack roster of WWE SmackDown Live had begun with some high-voltage drama on Tuesday. Big Dog Roman Reigns came on the stage to open the event. Suddenly, New Day star Kofi Kingston interrupted the eve and asked Roman Reigns for help to pin down Randy Orton. Big-hearted Reigns got ready to help him and both Kingston and Big Dog attacked Randy Orton to kick-off the exciting battle. Kofi hit the old-foe relentlessly and called him ‘Stupid’ again and again. The roster then saw many worth watching battles like Ali vs Buddy Murphy, Bayley vs Lacey Evans, and Randy Orton vs Big E