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The legendary WWE wrestler Cain Velasquez who made a sensational comeback in the debut episode of SmackDown Live on Fox could face the traditional rival Brock Lesnar in the upcoming event of Crown Jewel 2019. Ever since the UFC star returned to the squared circle along with Rey Mysterio to attack WWE Champion Lesnar, the rumours have been speculating that both the superstars could battle with each other in the next tournament.

According to the report of WWE observer David Allen Meltzer, “they could do Cain vs. Lesar at WrestleMania, you know, do a one and one, you do Saudi Arabia, Cain gets the surgery, comes back”. However, nothing has been confirmed by the company whether Cain will be the part of 2019 Crown Jewel event or not. But one thing is for sure that he has come back in the ring and could face the new WWE Champion Brock Lesnar in his first battle after his sensational comeback.

The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar has become the new Champion of WWE after dethroning babyface Kofi Kingston in just a few seconds. Right after entering the brand new stage of SmackDown Live on Fox Lesnar began his daunting action against the New Day member and mounted the series of F5s. As a result, within mere seconds Kofi Kingston pinned down in the ring and Brock Lesnar declared as the winner once again.

As Lesnar was celebrating his title victory in SD Live, Rey Mysterio’s music hit on the floor and he entered the stage but not alone. He was with longtime friend Velasquez. The moment when Cain saw Brock Lesnar in the ring, he lost his cool and started attacking the Beast Incarnate. But it seemed like Lesnar didn’t want to get into that fuss and he walked off the stage. After which fans are assuming that both the traditional foes will face each other in Crown Jewel before WrestleMania 36. Crown Jewel event is scheduled to be held at King Fahd International Stadium, Saudi Arabia on October 31st, 2019.

Currently Cain in suffering from a severe knee injury and need a career-saving surgery before the upcoming events in WWE. Not only this, he is yet to sign a deal with the company before the new ventures.