pic credit: [email protected] Velasquez

The veteran wrestler of WWE Cain Velasquez has officially returned back to the squared circle as he recently signed a multi-year deal with the company according to which he has been associated with WWE for the next three years. The great UFC star Cain is all set to make an official comeback at the stage of WWE with the grand event of Crown Jewel 2019.

The 37-year-old legendary wrestler said while sharing the good news with his fans, “Yeah, I’ll be here for the next three years, for sure. As I get better and better, I’m gonna keep doing this. I love it. I’m gonna keep doing it”. This has brought a big smile to the faces of Cain Velasquez’s fans across the world. Now when he is going to perform in the next PPV of WWE in Saudi Arabia, all his fans are hoping for his exotic win against Brock Lesnar.

Both Velasquez and Lesnar were last seen in action at the stage of SmackDown Live on Fox where Cain has tried to attack the WWE champion brutally. But it seemed like Lesnar didn’t want to get into that fuss and he walked off the stage. After this small heated segment between both the legendary giants, WWE has decided to fix their official match at an upcoming Crown Jewel roster 2019 in Saudi Arabia. As a result, in the forthcoming feud of the flagship event, Lesnar and Cain Velasquez are scheduled to fight in a one-on-one WWE Championship battle where the Beast Incarnate will go all out to dominate his Championship belt.

Coming back to Crown Jewel, the flagship event of WWE is scheduled to be held at King Fahd International Stadium, Saudi Arabia on October 31st, 2019. With so many wrestling celebrities performing in the upcoming roster, the show is going to be much more exciting. The highlight of the glitzy event will surely be the much-hyped battle between WWE Champions Brock Lesnar and UFC star Cain Velasquez.