pic credit: [email protected] Lynch

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Superstar Cris Cyborg has recently challenged the game changer Becky Lynch for an action-pack fight in upcoming WWE roster after which ‘The Man’ Becky Lynch sarcastically responded that Cyborg needs to pay her dues before even thinking of having a match against her.

The 33-year-old Cyborg took to Twitter to request WWE official Paul Heyman to fix her fight with RAW and SmackDown superstar Becky Lynch in the upcoming WWE roster.

After this, the dual title winner of WWE replied to Brazilian wrestler,” Cris Cyborg, again, another very talented professional in her field, Look, if anybody loves it, if anybody’s gonna obsess about this, if anybody’s gonna put in the work, then do it. But you can’t just come from another field and expect to be handed everything”. She also took a jibe on WWE star Ronda Rousey by saying, ” Ronda was expecting to grab everything, but then we showed her the door quite quickly a year later”. Earlier at the time of this year’s WrestleMania 35, Becky Lynch had faced Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair in the triple threat battle where Lynch pinned both the opponents down and Rousey even suffered an injury during the battle with WWE champion.

Moreover, Lynch will next participate in grand event of Money in the Bank pay per view to defend both of her titles including WWE RAW and WWE SmackDown. The 32-year-old will defend the Raw Women’s Championship title against newcomer Lacey Evans and on the other side, she will face WWE sensation Charlotte Flair in SmackDown Women’s Championship. The fresh face of WWE RAW Lacey Evans won the golden chance to battle with champion wrestler Becky Lynch after she defeated superstar Natalya at last WWE RAW night.