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What could be expected in a full-fledged grand wrestling event happened all in the historic night of Crown Jewel 2019 at King Fahd International Stadium in Saudi Arabia on Thursday. From the destructive Supplexes of Beast Slayer Seth Rollins to the iconic F5 of champion Brock Lesnar, the fans of WWE witnessed each and every exemplary moment last night at Riyadh.

The stupendous event kick-started with an action-pack feud between WWE champion Brock Lesnar and his MMA opponent Cain Velasquez who went head-on-head against each other in the worth-watching fight. However, the legendary wrestler Velasquez tried his best to put up a high-voltage drama in front of the Beast Incarnate but the aggressive American giant was in no mood to waste the time.

As a result, Lesnar pinned down the star opponent in just a few minutes and retained his WWE Championship title in front of the vibrant audience of Saudi Arabia. Lesnar became so hostile during the fight that he kept assaulting Velasquez after the ending of the match. At that time, Cain’s friend Rey Mysterio came on the stage to rescue him from the brutal attacks of Brock Lesnar.

This was then followed by one more star-studded fight of the night between Beast Slayer Seth Rollins and The Fiend Bray Wyatt. But the results of this match completely stunned the WWE audience as the renowned wrestler of WWE, Rollins, unfortunately, lost the feud to powerful opponent Wyatt in a falls count anywhere battle.

When everyone was expecting the victory of Rollins over ‘The Fiend’, Wyatt emerged as the new Universal Champion in a nail-biting encounter at Crown Jewel 2019. However, Rollins gave his best and delivered multiple stomps on Bray Wyatt, but that was not enough to pin down the strong wrestler. As a result, Fiend won the reigns of Universal Championship this week.

On the other hand in the first-ever women’s wrestling match of Saudi Arabia, Queen of Harts Natalya turned the heels against Lacey Evans. The Canadian giant broke into tears after winning the enthralling match against Evans with a submission move.