pic credit: [email protected] Lynch

When the entire WWE Universe was expecting a thrilling action-pack battle between ‘The Boss’ Sasha Banks and ‘The Man’ Becky Lynch at the glitzy event of ‘Clash of Champions’, Lynch’s one move crashed everyone’s hopes. ‘

The Man’ Becky Lynch who is globally known for her gruelling action did the same thing at WWE RAW Women’s Championship match against Sasha Banks on Sunday at Spectrum Center. At the beginning of the feud both the star female wrestlers went hard on each other but it was RAW champion Lynch who dominated the young opponent without much fuss. She tried to ambush the strong opponent with a steel chair but instead hit the match referee in between the exciting fight. Though Lynch had no intentions to hurt referee of the feud in her aggression, she stomped the chair on him with full power which eventually hurt her. As a result, the referee handed disqualification to Becky Lynch and declared Banks as the winner. The match ended up abruptly and the spectators went back home with disappointment in mind.

After the intolerable behaviour of Lynch during the brawl, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) imposed a fine of worth $10,000 on her. The company said on the development, “Becky Lynch has been fined $10,000 for inadvertently striking a referee during her Raw Women’s Championship Match against Sasha Banks. The Man had intended to deliver the chair strike to The Boss but ended up hitting the referee instead”.

Earlier in the last week’s WWE RAW episode, Lynch rattled Sasha Banks in a tag-team RAW women’s championship match where Lynch’s arch-rival Charlotte Flair helped her to win the brawl. Both Flair and Lynch came together on the show after putting their personal grudges aside. While on the other side, ‘The Boss’ Sasha Banks teamed up with another queen of wrestling Bayley in order to take on powerful champions. The RAW and SmackDown champions started-off the exciting battle with their vintage moves. However, the superstrong team of Bayley and Banks was no less behind the female veterans. But at last champions had the last laugh and the duo of old foes Lynch and Flair won the match.