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After a month of WWE Super Showdown event, Bill Goldberg shared his feelings on social media about his disappointing performance in the much-hyped battle against WWE legend Undertaker. The Hall of Famer recently took to Twitter in order to explain his fans what he felt after the exhausting battle with Undertaker. He said, “the only thing I need to accomplish is to erase the feeling I have from my last performance”.

Here’s see Goldberg’s reaction when a fan asked him if he still needs to accomplish anything else before the end of his wrestling career:

The 52-year-old wrestling veteran seemed to look very disappointed after his embarrassing defeat in WWE Super Showdown and maybe this is the reason that now he wants to redeem himself before a well-versed goodbye. However, Goldberg’s fans believe that he should retire from wrestling after his non-satisfactory performance against Undertaker.

At the stage of WWE Super Showdown event in Saudi Arabia, both the renowned wrestlers Undertaker and Bill Goldberg came face-to-face after a long time. This raised the expectations of their fans from the nail-biting match but it looked like Goldberg didn’t able to live up to their demands.

Though it was all good for Goldberg in the starting of the match but eventually it turned out in a hopeless situation against WWE veteran Undertaker. Within some time everything went downhill for the star wrestler as Undertaker the opponent with his vintage moves. When the fight reached its end, Undertaker launched his vintage Tombstone Piledriver against Goldberg after which it became impossible for him to get off his feet again. After this, Undertaker hit another chokeslam to Goldberg to seal the match with a win.

Coming back to present, it is difficult to say now whether Goldberg will retire from the ring in upcoming days or not but his Super ShowDown opponent is quite clear about his future plans as he is going to team up with Big Dog Roman Reigns in order to take on powerful rivals Drew McIntyre & Shane McMahon in a ‘No Holds Barred tag team match’ at Extreme Rules 2019 starting from July 14th at Wells Fargo Center, Pennsylvania.