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This week’s SmackDown Live roster started with the legendary wrestler Undertaker opening the segment at Madison Square Gardens in his bold voice and everybody started chanting ‘Deadman’ ‘Deadman’. All of a sudden Sami Zayn interrupted ‘Taker’s monologue and ask him to leave the ring. This provoked Undertaker to attack Zyan with his chokeslam and eventually, the roster started off on Tuesday.

The Miz vs Andrade

The action-pack roster of SmackDown Live began with the terrific one-on-one fight between American giant Miz and Mexican professional Andrade at renowned Madison Square Gardens on Tuesday. The feud kick-started with the hostile moves of Andrade but later Miz took over the control in his hands. The American giant attacked the strong opponent aggressively and hit his knees to the head of Andrade. Not only this, he also kicked Andrade through the ropes and threw him out of the ring. At last, Miz got the win over powerful wrestler Andrade and hit the Skull Crushing Finale in WWE.

Result: The Miz defeated Andrade

Bayley vs. Ember Moon

With Charlotte Flair in the commentary box, both the female superstars of WWE Bayley and Ember Moon take on each other at recently concluded SmackDown Live on Tuesday. In the beginning, the match was all about Moon and her moves as she came out all guns blazing against Bayley. Everything was in the control of Moon until Bayley hit the Belly to Bayley in the dying minutes of battle. At the end of the eve, Bayley declared as the winner on the count of three.

Result: Bayley defeated Ember Moon

Chad Gable vs Shane McMahon (King of the Ring)

It was then time for the much-awaited fight of the night. The official bureaucrat of WWE Shane McMahon battled with legendary superstar Chad Gable in the last match of SmackDown Live on Tuesday. During the exciting match, Big O Kevin Ownes made a surprising entry at the stage, not to interrupt the fight but to take the responsibility of match referee. Right at the beginning of the game, Chad Gable hit a huge suplex and got the pinfall. Shane quickly took advantage of the situation and threw Gable out of the ring. Ownes started countdown forcefully but Gable fought back to hit a moonsault miraculously. He then sealed the game with a perfect win.

Result: Chad Gable defeated Shane McMahon in SD Live moved to the finals