pic credit: [email protected] Corbin

The star giant of WWE, Baron Corbin has become the new ‘King of the Ring’ at this week’s RAW episode on Monday. The 35-year-old American wrestler Corbin pinned down the strong opponent Chad Gable in a thrilling grand finale at Thompson-Boling Arena on Monday RAW night.

At the beginning of the feud, WWE Universe witnessed a lot of efforts made by Chad Gable to dominate Corbin as he was battling like hell in the ring. The Lone Wolf in the squared circle Corbin, at last, grabbed the powerful opponent in his ankle lock and registered the impressive win at WWE RAW night.

Gable reached to the finals of the grand tournament after beating official bureaucrat of WWE Shane McMahon in semi-finals at last week’s WWE SmackDown Live episode. In that one-on-one battle, Gable crushed McMahon with his huge suplexes and eventually, the match referee Kevin Ownes declared Gable as the winner of semi-finals. Though Shane tried his best to topple Gable in the enthralling brawl but the American was one step forward from the WWE official. As a result, he set his meeting with superstar giant Baron Corbin on Monday’s RAW night.

On the other hand, Baron Corbin made it to the ‘King of the Ring’ finals after clinching a historic win over Ricochet and Samoa Joe in a triple threat fight at semifinals. When the feud was started nobody could even imagine that Corbin would be the winner of the match as both the aggressive wrestlers Ricochet and Joe choked him up in their vintage moves. But shockingly Corbin turned the tide in his favour and ambushed both the wrestlers with full power. He played his clever tricks to flatten both the powerful contenders and at last he had the last laugh.

There is no doubt in saying that Corbin was head over heels after the magnificent win in the flagship event of WWE. Earlier he also won the belt of WrestleMania 35 against Hall of Famer Kurt Angle at MetLife Stadium in April 2019. After which it was no looking back for the strong giant and he kept on winning the feuds one by one. However, nothing is confirmed that what will be his next plan in WWE but currently he is just celebrating his new title in the ring.