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The last episode of WWE SmackDown Live left the spectators with many questions in mind as all of a sudden a mysterious man came on the stage and ambushed the biggest personality of WWE Roman Reigns. After the shocking attack, many names came forward as the suspect behind the controversy. All the recent rivals of Big Dog Reigns including WWE bureaucrat Shane McMahon, Drew McIntyre, Elias, Samoa Joe, and Buddy Murphy have been proclaimed as the possible culprits.

In the last week’s episode of WWE SmackDown live, Elias had an impromptu with Big O Kevin Ownes which he unfortunately lost. In the same episode, Reigns was also ambushed by a mystery man who even tried to hit him with a WWE structure. This came as a big shock for each and everyone who present in the show. Since then, the incident turned out to be WWE’s one of the biggest mysteries of the year so far. However, it is still not revealed yet who was the man behind the attack.

After the raising speculations the 31-year-old American wrestler Elias justified himself in the mystery man case by saying, “After my match at Smackville with Kevin Owens, I’ve been coughing up blood, so Tuesday night at SmackDown Live, I wasn’t even there. I was at home painting. I’ve got bigger and better things to do than to mess with Roman Reigns.”

Here’s see what Elias said on the mystery man case who attacked Big Dog of WWE at SmackDown Live:

Currently, Roman Reigns is preparing for his upcoming events in WWE and maybe he will be seen in the biggest party of summer, SummerSlam event 2019. The glitzy show is scheduled to be held at Scotiabank Arena, Toronto on August 11th where various superstars from WWE RAW and SmackDown brands will battle with each other to set the stage on fire. There are some chances that the mysterious attacker will reveal his identity in the next WWE SmackDown Live episode which will take place on August 6th. If it will happen one more storyline will be added in the forthcoming SummerSlam roster.