pic credit: [email protected] Helms

The former WWE Champion Hurricane Helms could play his last match in the upcoming bout of Chikara on this Saturday. The 44-year-old star wrestler took to Twitter to share the shocking news with his fans, his tweet reads, “this Sat is my last scheduled match and may in fact be my last match ever. If that’s the case..THANK YOU to everyone that’s ever watched and supported me. I did my best”. He also appreciated the love and affection of WWE fanbase by saying “I appreciate everyone who watched and supported me in”.

In this year’s fun-filled Chikara feud, Helms will defend the title of multi-man tag team. The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion is going to gang up with star giant of WWE including  Razorhawk, Solo Darling and Fire Ant in order to challenge equally stronger quartet Rory Gulak, Cajun Crawdad, Callux and El Hijo del Ice Cream.

Gregory Helms stepped into wrestling field after the exciting feud of World Championship Wrestling which leads the way for high-flyer to become the crucial wrestler on mid-card wrestling. It was then never looking back for him as he continued to went on in the company and clinched the title of WWE Cruiserweight. Earlier in 2006, he created history in WWE Universe after winning Cruiserweight title for the second time and held it for more than a year which registered the record of longest reigning champion of any kind in WWE SmackDown history. Later in that year, the giant wrestler dropped off his superhero attire and became the full-fledged heel.

In 2009 Helms joined the ECW brand of WWE and after the end of his stint in ECW, the company released him from the brands.

However, it is not yet confirmed by WWE authorities that whether the upcoming match will be the last ever feud for Helms or not as he has proved himself a valuable asset for the company.